How Rapid Profit Machine and Fuel My Online Success

When I joined Rapid Profit Machine sometime in the first week of October 2023, one of its "welcome" videos encourages new members to join its FB group as well and introduce themselves. I obliged and wrote something like these:

I'm 63 years old and probably 20 years late in this game.

I have tried online marketing since 1998.

At that time Global Domains International was the fad.

I probably lost a few thousand dollars there.

The reason I did not prosper the way I would have wanted to was probably a confluence of factors.

I had an 8 to 4 job (or 9 to 5 if you will), which kept me from focusing on "the goal." You might say my regular job was a "hindrance," but always, whenever things got rough and unsure of where my next sack of rice would be coming from, I had something to go to. It helped me that I had something to return to whenever my "business" faltered.

For example, as soon as my ads for any program or affiliate product sputtered, I would retreat, coming back to life only after months, even years, of licking my wounds, as it were.

So from the frustrations of 2000s I resurfaced in 2010s. Only to count my losses again.

When the pandemic hit us (2019-2022), I found myself in front of the desktop monitor more often than usual. By force of habit, I started opening my emails again.

The big dawgs (whose products I had been shelved in the archive folders of my desktop computer) were back: Jon Leger, Mike Filsaime, John Thornbill, Russel Brunson, Promote Labs, JVZoo seller, Warrio+ sellers, Clickbank sellers, Market+ sellers, among many others from whom I bought a product or two at one time or another. (When printed, my JVZoo purchases, not counting those from Warrior+ and Clickbank, would each take no less than 4 pages!) I think it was Thornbill who sent me to RPM (he just got a hefty commission from me for buying RPM's MAB :) .)

I say all this to show that over the years I have invested a lot (time, money, effort) in the online marketing business.

But despite all that, I have nothing to brag about. Until, perhaps, today.

I am currently trying to put things together at where James Neville-Taylor, the man behind Rapid Profit Machine, is a monster affiliate.

I combine the resources of Rapid Profit Machine and here at to try to propel my list building program forward. This has been my biggest problem ever since. Sometimes I get bunches of leads (mostly from paid traffic because I suck at attracting geniune followers in social media), but they do not convert. But now it seems I am starting to turn things around. After over a week of joining, I already have commissions (as you can see from the screengrab below which I took on 14 October 2023). It's a very modest result, I must quickly add, but it inspires, isn't it?

I commit myself to doing whatever it takes to get my online journey see more results.

To make my long story short, I continue to give myself chancess, to keep "the dream" alive and to keep punching. Often down, but never out.

Thanks for taking time to read this and let's get ready to rumble, fellas!

A Little About Ingming Aberia

Ingming Aberia is the author of Miracles of Quiapo - The Novel. He is a social development worker by training and profession. In that role, he joined organizations (both government and non-government) that assisted poor communities in their struggle for social equity and access to public goods and services. He worked professionally for several international organizations such as the United Nations Development Program, International Labor Organization and Asian Development Bank. He currently works for an assignment at the Asian Development Bank as National Governance Consultant. He holds a master’s degree in development management from the Makati-based (Philippines) Asian Institute of Management. Ingming Aberia promotes and provides content for the following websites (use www when accessing them): Free apps for Content Creators; Free eBooks; Free Internet Marketing Training; Free Membership Clubs, etc. He also contributes articles to The Manila Times, one of the oldest Spanish/English broadsheets in the world, having been in operation in 1898.

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