February 7, 2023

2 Laptop Shopping Guide tips

2 Laptop Shopping Guide tips

There was a time when the laptop market was booming. And then, we had a brief era for Netbooks which took us completely in the other direction. Now consumers are happy to settle for a little of both. So touch screens and hybrids have gone up in prices a bit because of this, but you can still snag yourself a pretty decent premium laptop or hybrid for less than $700. So if you’re browsing online for a laptop, perhaps these two laptop shopping guide tips can help you in your choice.

Travel Light

The whole point of having a laptop is to carry it around with you for whatever the purposes may be. So if you’re browsing for a laptop online and a particular brand caught your eye, you might need to take a closer look at the specs for weight and dimensions using a laptop shopping guide and check the consumer forums, to make sure that the specs and consumer experience comments will tick your boxes. Now if you plan to commute with this laptop everyday, then perhaps you might want to go with a 13 inch ultrabook which is pretty similar to the MacBook Air. These laptops are making a surprising comeback with only an 11.6 inch screen, which also includes hybrids and tablets, so you can only take the screen with you and leave the keyboard at home or the office.

When Shopping For Desktops

You can also choose to go with a more mid-size laptop, such as the common 15-inch model which might be the type of laptop that you have now. Although, these may not really be much fun to carry around more than once a week or so.

A laptop shopping guide can help you find the right office desktop, if you’re not interested in being able to lug your laptop around, your best bet is a very rare big 17 inch or larger desktop as a viable replacement option. Even though a bigger screen might sound appealing to you, just keep in mind that some of these bigger laptops can’t run for long without having to connect to the power outlet again. Another thing is that very few of these bigger screen desktop models from the Windows 8 era have touch screens, just to mention a few of the downsides of purchasing a desktop.